Why Learn the Beautiful Names and Attributes of Allah 

When it comes to teaching our children about Islam, many of us (myself included) are so fervent and scrupulous when it comes to telling them about what they can and cannot do. Sadly, we fail to tell them more about The One who ordained these dos and don’ts. Our children’s faith will not flourish and bloom if we restrict their understanding to only the halal and haram, and not taking the beautiful journey with them to truly know ALLAH, The Most High, The Great.

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Kickstart a Children's Reading Club

One of the reasons why one never tires of reading the miraculous Qur’an and why the Qur’an captivates our hearts every time we listen to it is partly because of the stories told in the Holy Qur’an. How fond of Surah Yusuf are you? That is probably because Surah Yusuf is, from beginning to end, a beautiful story. It is a story of family, betrayal, honesty, suffering, loss, grief, patience, and in the end triumph, power, and forgiveness and love.

Never underestimate the power of a good story.

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