“The more you know Allah, the more you will love Him.”

Imam Al-Ghazali

Learning, inspiring faith, and bringing families together, one game at a time!


Meaningful play is an effective and enjoyable way for kids to learn, connect to Allah, and bond with family and friends. 

To know Allah is the most noble of endeavors, and that is what our flashcards and coloring book will help children and families achieve.  

Beautiful Names of Allah Flash Cards and Memory Game

Each card has an explanation of the meaning of Allah's Beautiful Name, improving our understanding and drawing us closer to Allah.

The cards can be used as flashcards for learning and also as memory game for a fun family activity.

Available in English & Arabic. 


Beautiful Names of Allah Coloring & Activity Book

Part 1 of our new series of coloring books has an explanation of 15 of Allah's Beautiful Names and Attributes. Each page includes a beautiful drawing for children to color, illustrated by the talented, young artist, Yasmeen Hamdah. It also includes some fun actitivies!

Learn the Beautiful Names of Allah

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Al-Jabbar, The Restorer; Restore My Heart

Al-Jabbar, The Restorer; Restore My Heart

If you truly understand the meaning of Allah's Name, Al-Jabbar, you will find solace in the midst of your loneliness, and perseverance when you thought you were on the brink of breaking.

All of Allah’s Names are beautiful and uplifting. Learn the meaning of Allah's Beautiful Name, Al-Jabbar. 

Allah’s Beautiful Name, Al-`Afuww

Allah’s Beautiful Name, Al-`Afuww

Al-`Afuww means The Pardoner. Allah not only forgives your sins if you sincerely repent and seek forgiveness, but He erases even the trace of these sins from your records. Allah pardons in such a way that on the Day of Judgment, you will not even be reminded of these sins. Allah spares you the pain of feeling remorse, regret, and humiliation over these sins on this tumultuous day.


Kickstart a Children's Reading Club

Kickstart a Children's Reading Club

Never underestimate the power of a good story.

To expand our circle of book lovers, this year we started a reading club for my youngest girl, inviting her third-grade class to join. Less than half of her classmates showed up at our first reading club meeting, but soon enough, the number grew and we received requests from moms asking if their daughters could bring along a cousin or sister!



Why Learn the Beautiful Names and Attributes of Allah

Why Learn the Beautiful Names and Attributes of Allah

When it comes to teaching our children about Islam, many of us (myself included) are so fervent and scrupulous when it comes to telling them about what they can and cannot do. Sadly, we fail to tell them more about The One who ordained these dos and don’ts. Our children’s faith will not flourish and bloom if we restrict their understanding to only the halal and haram, and not taking the beautiful journey with them to truly know ALLAH, The Most High, The Great.