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“The more you know Allah, the more you will love Him.” Imam Al-Ghazali

Our aim is to show the way for our children to worship Allah out of love and out of yearning for His boundless mercy and forgiveness. As parents, we will not be with our children at every moment of their lives to remind them to pray, to read Qur’an, to supplicate, and to stop them from falling into sin. However, the love of Allah, once it sparks in their hearts, it will always be there and it will become their inner voice. No matter how far away they may stray from the path in their desire for independence from us, curiosity to experiment, and during the tumultuous developmental changes of adolescence, this faith in Allah and nearness to Him will bring them back.  

Anas bin Malik reported that Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, “There are three qualities whoever has them, will taste the sweetness of Iman: To love Allah and His Messenger more than anyone else; to love a slave (of Allah) only for (the sake of) Allah; and to hate returning to infidelity after Allah has saved him from it as he would hate to be thrown into the fire.”

The first step towards loving Allah more is knowing more about Him, and one way to do that is by understanding Allah’s Beautiful Names and Attributes.

In our workshop for children, we have taught so far 14 of Allah’s Beautiful Names, using an engaging approach. The girls learned the meanings of the Names of Allah mentioned in the last 3 verses of Surah Al-Hashr and they have memorized these beautiful verses. (The Names mentioned in these verses are: Ar-Rahman, Ar-Raheem, Al-Malik, Al-Quddus, As-Salam, Al-Mu'min, Al-Muhaymin, Al-Azeez, Al-Jabbar, Al-Mutakabbir, Al-Khaliq, Al-Bari', Al-Musawwir, Al-Hakeem.)

We were amazed by how much the children can grasp and understand and how much they genuinely enjoyed learning more about Allah. And we believe that any parent, teacher, and youth group leader can start their own workshop anywhere in the world. We have simply provided you with some learning tools, ideas, and guidelines for you to start with. Keep checking back as we will continue to add lesson plans for more of Allah's Beautiful Names. 


Click on each of the available links in our blog for the Beautiful Names which we have taught, for plenty of ideas on stories to tell, pictures to admire with your kids, arts and crafts projects, and hands-on experiments they can do, in addition to using the flash cards and memory game of the 99 Beautiful Names of Allah.

Send us your stories and pictures of how you have been teaching children the Beautiful Names of Allah, so we can showcase your creativity.

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